I started selling beauty makeup tools on Amazon & ebay in 2014 with R&M Logo. Within 3 years the feedbacks grew past 10K, which is big achievement for a young women, new in London, with no prior knowledge of selling.

We sold above 43K brushes just on eBay and above 45K brushes on Amazon until 2019 before starting our Shopify & Instagram Store. 

It was achieved with dedication towards product quality and customer service.

During this time I learned about whole selling process from manufacturing to delivery and how to source best products without compromising quality. 

In 2017, I got blessed with a baby daughter.

In 2019 I decided to launch my own brand with the name Mehliza. Its a combination of first part of my name and my daughters name. So we are now a young mother & daughter team.

I plan to continue designing makeup tools, specially various types of brushes with top quality raw materials and make them available to my buyers at affordable prices, providing best shipping and customer services experience.

In 2020, I launched options to personalise the makeup kits. Some of those pics of ready orders are uploaded on our Instagram page @mehliza.London

with our Loyalty Program, our customers can collect “brush strokes” for money off on next order. We thrive on providing best buying experience for our customers.

94% of our markets involved Repeated Customers, which is our great achievement that people are loving us and choosing us over and over again. 

When I started in 2014, I had a vision and now it has a name “MEHLIZA’ . Never thought it will become something. As of now I plan to keep our business private to keep the prices affordable. 

With zero marketing budget I would request you to follow us on instagram and like our Facebook page. Thanks