MY32 Eyeshadow Blending Brush


Product Description

Product code: MY32

This has luxurious application and a premium look!  fluff eyeshadow blending brush helps to enhance and define the eye makeup. Rounded dense fluffy oval shape makes this brush perfect for crease blending powder or cream eyeshadows. bristles gives more controlled application of blending eyeshadows and can be good highlighting brush for defining look. 
  • has a soft full rounded brush head made from natural Saibikoho hairs. This classic  flame shape blending brush is essential when creating natural and more dramatic eye looks and works well with both powder and cream formulas.
  • is a true experts brush for shading along the crease line and adding dimension to any eye look. Now in luxurious Saibikoho natural hairs. the brush head tapers to a soft point, which blends powder shadow skillfully and evenly.
  • Japan grade natural hairs
  • No hair fall-out
  • This brush is also amazing for precise highlighting for tip of nose or cupid bow or just for precise brow bone highlighting.
  • Handcrafted with nickel brass copper ferrule and matte wooden handles.
  • Size : 18cm 
  • Package content: one brush in sleeve.