How to choose Best Blush Brushes

On the hunt for the best brush blush for your makeup kit? There are countless sizes and shapes to choose from, and the right one for you will depend on your routine and lifestyle. Start your search by figuring out your budget and whether you’re interested in buying a makeup brush for the short or long term.

Do you tend to favor a light dusting of powder blush? Or are you into a more dramatic, highly pigmented cream finish ?  I

if it’s powder, cream, liquid or all three, then you need to find a brush that’s tested and proven to perform well for those products.

Next, consider your degree of skin sensitivity. Test the blush brush hairs on the inner part of your wrist.
This part of your wrist is very thin skinned and sensitive. You can tell if the bristles are soft, smooth or itchy. You want the blush brush to be dense yet firm with a lot of hairs, but very soft like a kitten’s paw.

 The feeling of brushes is very important to me. I believe it’s a part of the makeup application experience, so try out multiple options until you find brushes that work well for you.

The right brush, after all, significantly affects your look. A fluffy brush gives a softer application, while a denser brush packs on more color and vibrancy. A rounder blush is ideal for applying blush on the apples of the cheeks.  A more angled brush works well for applying on top of cheekbones.

Blush has the ability to add warmth to the face and skin, while also tying the lips and facial features together to complete the look.

The best way to apply blush with a makeup brush

When it comes to powder blush, the most effective way to apply is by sweeping blush along your cheekbones for a softer look. With creams and liquids, gently tap onto cheeks for a more precise application. Always start out with minimal product and build up to your desired intensity.

Remember: Less is usually more, especially when we’re talking about blush. Begin by applying a minimal amount in the places you want the blush to have the most impact. Then, build it to the level of vibrancy that you want for the desired look.

Ahead, check out the best blush brushes to add to your arsenal right away. Don’t forget: buying a blush brush or a make brush set featuring one this holiday season is a thoughtful makeup gift for all the beauty enthusiasts in your life. (And if you need more gift-giving inspiration, consider giving her a makeup bag to hold her new goodies.)

Best Powder Blush Brush

Series M Multiuse : MU96 Blush Brush. This has advance and flawless application and a premium look! Soft Natural saikoho Japanese goat hairs packed densely and firmly in oval flat shape to bring out best look.  A brush that's the perfect shape for shading and highlighting cheeks and face with blush. A versatile multipurpose fluffy yet dense brush which made it flexible to use it as defining face to achieve that flawless professional finish. Designed to work with powder, cream and liquid formula shadows.  Our brushes are expertly handcrafted and extreme value for money. 
  • Ultra multiuse Face brush : Right from applying base makeup to applying blush or removing excess powder under your eyes, this product is best suited for all. This is a must have in your makeup kit. 
  • 100% handcrafted brush. 
  • No hair fall-out
  • Handcrafted with professional thick copper nickel ferrule and wooden handles
  • package content: one brush in sleeve.
  • Size : 18cm 

Best Cream Blush Brush

Series M Elite : This has advance and precise application and a premium look! Soft Japan grade goat natural hairs packed densely and firmly  to bring out best look. A versatile multipurpose cheek brush in medium round oval dense shape which made it flexible to use it as flawless finishing your cheek, or to give warm bronzer sunkissed look, even use it for powder, highlighter or blusher. Our brushes are expertly handcrafted and extreme value for money. 
  • unique shape designed to bring flawless finishes. 
  • 100% soft natural japan grade hairs. 
  • No hair fall-out
  • Handcrafted with copper nickel ferrule and wooden handles
  • package content: one brush in sleeve.
  • Size : 18cm 


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