Create flawless, expertly groomed eyebrows with the So Eco Duo Brow Brush. Boasting two effective brow-taming beauty tools, the makeup brushes work to deliver fuller, precisely defined arches with each and every use.

A petite, angled brush utilises the perfect shape to fill in sparser areas of the brow, owing to its slanted brush head. The effective design makes it easier to mimic the look of existing hairs, transferring product effortlessly onto the desired areas in fine, even strokes. This tool’s slender handle ensures maximum control during application, allowing you to achieve carefully constructed, natural-looking brows with absolutely none of the fuss.

Also included in this duo, the spoolie brush is ideal for fluffing and grooming your brows into submission. The brow wand captures each hair as it sweeps swiftly through your brows, promoting a sleek, structured and shapely finish.