Product Description

Product code: R&M Concealer

This has luxurious application and a premium look! R&M's oval pointy shaped concealer conceal all blemishes smoothly. Beautifully handcrafted with taklon hairs in oval pointy shape especially for brow shaping and concealer contour. This brush is very good for cream products shading. ‘Cream eyeshadow brush’.
  • 100% animal cruelty-free synthetic fibres
  • No hair fall-out
  • Handcrafted with copper nickel ferrule and matte wooden handles
  • package content: one brush in sleeve.
  • Size : 18cm 



Customer Reviews

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Cut cut cut

Best brush the cut the crease with. At this point I’ve got around 5 of these brushes because they are that good and I wanted to make sure I’ve had enough for both me and my clients ! I have had concealer brushes from other brands that would slowly start to fall apart after deep cleaning them on the 5/6th time but I deep clean these concealer brushes after every single use and they are still in tact.. and that for the low prices that they are ...super affordable + fast shipping it’s a must have babes

Best Cut crease Brush

Well i use it for cut crease , and i cant tell how good it is especially the price. Bought 10 of them immediately.

Abbigail Mua
Very reliable product

The best concealer and shadow brush . I use it for both. Fabulous. The price is mindblowing . I will buy more of these in case it gets out of stock!