Fan Brush ! Your new favourite makeup tool

It is very easy to know what a foundation , blush, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner makeup brushes are used for. The names of these are pretty self explanatory , but how did the fan brush got its name ? The only thing is that it does look like a fan.

In this article we will try to explain how to use a fan brush and why does it have a fan shape. We have collated information from different celebrity MUAs (Make-Up Artists) who use this type of brush. you can consider this as a short crash course on Fan makeup brush.

What is a Fan Brush ?

By definition you can say "It is a very useful makeup brush which is most commonly used to apply powder products such as highlighter, contour, bronzer and blush.

However powder application is only one of the many things this multi use brush can do. It can also work with cream products like cleansers, masks, and moisturisers as well. You can even use fan brush to apply mascara.

How to use a fan brush

There are many ways to use a fan brush by applying different techniques.

You can apply powder all over your face by swiping the brush over product , tapping excess off, and applying gently on your skin. when using highlighter , bronzer or contour apply to areas that you want to accentuate.

Another use is to catch fallout from eyeshadow, by placing brush under your eye to provide a barrier between your skin and the shadow. If some of it still falls on your face , use fan brush to wipe it away. 

It can also be used to have a nice and smooth application of masks, creams & cleansers. Just simply brush the product on.

For applying mascara products, move fan brush back and forth on mascara wand to pick up product. Then apply the mascara as you would with a wand, under the lashes, in a smooth sweeping motion. Layer up and focus on roots for added volume.

Different types of Fan Brushes 

There are many different types of fan brushes available in the market. Below we list the best one you can get on the market 

  • Fan brush for highlighter
  • Precision fan brushes
  • Fan brush for masks
  • Fan brushes for mascara
  • Dense fan brushes

Here is a least expensive fan brush on the market available . With its fine bristles and gentle application it provides seamless application for highlighters. 

Fan brushes come in so many shapes and sizes. The smaller precise ones as above are one of the best investment you can make for your makeup collection.

There must be other ways you must be using your fan brushes. Please share in comments below how best you use your fan brushes to get the flawless finish that you deserve.


December 24, 2021 — Nas TEAM MEHLIZA LONDON

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