2. R&M 501 : Angled Brow 
  3. R&M 502 Flat Definer
  4. R&M 504 Spoolie
  5. R&M 509 Fine Eyeliner
  6. R&M 516 Crease Blending 
  7. R&M 517 Blending
  8. R&M 519 Pencil
  9. R&M 523 Angled Concealer 
  10. R&M 524 Tapered Blending
  11. R&M 532 Buffing 
  12. R&M 539 Highlighter Brush
  13. R&M 563 Flat contour 
  14. R&M 569 Foundation brush 
  15. R&M Stippling Brush

14 Professional Makeup Artist Brushes with a Carry Brush Bag. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Manya Salon Owner Pune India
Purchased 50 sets

All I can say my students are very happy. Please make major Series M set .

Opted for personalisation. I adore the packages packed separately on all my students name. Personalised bag and brushes . What an idea sir ji ! ( if you are Indian you will know this line 🤭)

Will come back for more !

4rth Purchase

This is my fourth order, I already own some of brushes from this set. Used and washed many times. Instead of stocking up single brushes I decided to go for this set with bag. & I am glad I got it.

Honestly I feel mehliza LONDON is so underrated brand. I wish this brand is available in Superdrug or boots . It would be really better for me to shop in store.

S Martha
Love love love best Deal so far

I love it. Full order personalised. Wish could upload pictures. Got it as gift. And as soon as I received it purchased one for myself aswell.

12years of experience in makeup. I have seen many brands. These brushes are real deal. Came from instagram. True small business. Lots of love . Keep bringing brilliance

This set is everything.

I purchased this set with personalised service. And I am already obsessed the set , each one of the brush is useful. And any makeup artist use it. The set is high quality and packaging is so touchy-feely 🤗 . I am seriously considering mehliza over any other brand. Period!!

Sarah MUA
Perfect kit for me. Exactly what I needed.

Received my kit and absolutely love it. Brushes are real deal and bag is stunning too. They are soft and have been washed . No shedding of hairs so far .